Military Lensatic Prismatic Compass

৳ 750

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  • Military Lensatic Prismatic Compass – military model Often used in connection with maps Lightweight and rugged aluminum alloy construction
  • Military Lensatic Prismatic Compass has a foldable metal lid for easy storage and transport With a glass window & sighting line etched on the lid Sapphire bearing for ensuring quick movement, years of dependability, and optimal precision
  • Prismatic readings avoid errors caused by mirror readings and potential parallax 360° rotatable bezel ring with scale for easy reading Liquid-filled prevents excessive oscillation of the magnet needle
  • The liquid is extremely stable even exposed to extreme changes of temperature and air pressure Reference table at bottom of base for estimating distance and angle of slope
  • Screw hole at base for fitting with a tripod Thumb ring for firm holding and neck strap Comes with a carrying bag and string


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